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Denton, TX has CHOICES in OWCP federal workers comp doctors. For years, there really was just one DOL OWCP doctor in Denton, TX. But, now you have choices. In most parts of the country, federal employees have zero choices in OWCP doctors. They are forced to visit their primary care doctor or local chiropractor. The problem is that these doctors aren't OWCP-trained. That's a serious problem. Well, in Denton, for years, there was one single choice for OWCP doctor. Just imagine if you only had one choice of grocery store, or one choice of fast food restaurant, or one choice of car insurance carrier, or one choice of anything else. You would feel like maybe you weren't valued by that lone company because you didn't have any other choices and they didn't have to take as good care of you as they would if they had competition. Well, we are that competition and we are committed to taking care of you. Federal Injury Centers will take care of you. We are in Denton, TX. We are you alternative for OWCP workers comp injury doctors in Denton, TX. Please give us a call. We care about you. We love federal employees and we want to help you. Ask around. Your friends and coworkers will tell you the same thing: Call Federal Injury Centers. If you were hurt at work for a federal agency in Denton County, like the US Postal Service, please give us a call. We're ready to take care of you.

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