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The worst problem that injured federal employees face after they are hurt at work, is finding a caring doctor who is willing to accept OWCP, and who knows how to get an OWCP injury claim accepted.  Only 3% of Federal employees nationwide are able to get their injury claims accepted.  That is terrible and unacceptable! 

Federal Injury Centers in Denton, TX (located inside of Denton Chiropractic Center, next to UNT) has an excellent OWCP injury claim approval rate.  So far, we have gotten 100% of our injury claims accepted.  100%.  I always say, "Denied injury claims are for other doctors.  We don't do that."

Denied injury claims are for other doctors.  We don't do that.

So, with that said, it saddens me when injured federal workers in Denton, TX choose to go to another doctor.  We pride ourselves on getting injury claims accepted.  Who else can say they have a 100% OWCP case acceptance rate?  Nobody that we know, and we train doctors nationwide to do this.

Of course, nobody can guarantee that every injury case in the future will get accepted and I'm definitely not saying that here.  However, like in baseball, when you need a big play, you want your batter to have a high batting average.  Right now, we're batting a thousand.

If you are an injured federal employee, looking for an OWCP doctor in Denton, TX, call Federal Injury Centers today.  Don't risk your case being denied if another doctor doesn't take the time and effort that is required to do the job right.  Let us help you.  Let us work to get your OWCP injury claim approved and help you get better and back to work full duty as soon as possible.

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